TOSRV56: The Perfect Ride…Kinda (Pt. 1)

Friday: Pre-ride TOSRV is a unique ride. It has more of a hippie vibe than that of a traditional event or Gran Fondo. Case in point is the start time. There isn't one. You go when you want and finish when you finish. "Groovy, baby!" Typical to our TOSRV modus operandi, Russ and I planned on rolling Saturday … Continue reading TOSRV56: The Perfect Ride…Kinda (Pt. 1)

“Give up, Grampy!”

This morning was my last ride before TOSRV. Since it needed to be a moderate workout, I didn't ride with my Rogue Racing cronies. Instead, I went with Rick on a 21 mile route. Once we got over the big climb, we settled into the gentle rollers of Wilson Pike and I spy the blinking red light of a cyclist. "Rabbit," I think to myself. "I like chasing rabbits." … Continue reading “Give up, Grampy!”

Recovery Ride: “Easy Like Sunday Morning.”

First off, happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there! Hope you're having (or had) a great day. Today was a recovery ride and what a gorgeous day here in TN! Temps are in the 80's, no humidity (rare for us) and no wind. With the nice conditions, I was tempted to pick up the … Continue reading Recovery Ride: “Easy Like Sunday Morning.”

TOSRV: “Are You Ready?”

I received this TOSRV 56 magnet in the mail the other day. Talk about reality check! It's not like the event snuck up on me; I've been clocking the countdown on my blog as well as in my training regimen. But getting this makes TOSRV real and begs the question: Are you ready to ride 210 … Continue reading TOSRV: “Are You Ready?”

TOSRV: Century Training Ride

Wow! Only 18 days before my TOSRV ride! But am I ready? Has all the training moved me closer to achieving this goal? On April 29th, I set out with a friend to ride a century and find out the answers to those and many other questions. The Route I spent hours on Google Earth and MapMyRide to plan this route, and … Continue reading TOSRV: Century Training Ride

TOSRV: Training 01

What's a TOSRV? TOSRV (Tour of the Scioto River Valley) is a 2 day bike tour in Ohio, May 20-21, that spans 210 miles, most of which is flat. This will be the 56th running of the classic and will be my 5th time cycling it, although with much older legs! Training The trick is, and … Continue reading TOSRV: Training 01

Lessons Learned from 70 Miles

Last Friday, I did a solo 70 mile route in preparation for May's TOSRV 2017. If you're interested in the route, here is the link: Eagleville 70. Temperature was around 70 and wind was from the south-southeast at 13-15 mph. Since this would be my longest ride to date, I knew it would be a good evaluation of my training. … Continue reading Lessons Learned from 70 Miles

How To Suffer on Your First Century

Today, I want to share lessons learned from my first century back in 1985: TOSRV. Actually, it was a double century, but nonetheless, if you apply these tips, I guarantee your first century will be full of misery. I've even supplied pictures from my epic adventure; I'm wearing the cycling cap. Dress Appropriately Ignore the kits and moisture wicking fabrics … Continue reading How To Suffer on Your First Century

Welcome to Cycling Over 50!

Although I'm still in the process of building this blog, I thought I'd at least prime the pump with a quick post. As an avid cyclist who is over 50, I wanted to create a site that interests weekend warriors who, like myself, are battling age-related issues. For what it's worth, I'm not the type who gets into the … Continue reading Welcome to Cycling Over 50!