Five Signs of Overtraining

Sure, you can use apps like Strava to determine if you've overtrained, but did you know your body will alert you as well? Here are (5) I've experienced: A colonoscopy sounds more fun than a bike ride. Your wife's suggestion to sell your bike for Kirklands bric-a-brac is a win-win. The stairs look like Pike's Peak so you search for … Continue reading Five Signs of Overtraining

Flavio Zappi: Inspiration to Train

Today, I had a tough workout. I'd logged a fast 54 on Saturday, did a moderate solo 30 miler Sunday, and with Monday being in the 70's, I jumped on my bike and logged a solo 35. My legs were like lead and climbing was a joke. Nevertheless, I pushed it when I could, trying to make … Continue reading Flavio Zappi: Inspiration to Train

How To Suffer on Your First Century

Today, I want to share lessons learned from my first century back in 1985: TOSRV. Actually, it was a double century, but nonetheless, if you apply these tips, I guarantee your first century will be full of misery. I've even supplied pictures from my epic adventure; I'm wearing the cycling cap. Dress Appropriately Ignore the kits and moisture wicking fabrics … Continue reading How To Suffer on Your First Century

Welcome to Cycling Over 50!

Although I'm still in the process of building this blog, I thought I'd at least prime the pump with a quick post. As an avid cyclist who is over 50, I wanted to create a site that interests weekend warriors who, like myself, are battling age-related issues. For what it's worth, I'm not the type who gets into the … Continue reading Welcome to Cycling Over 50!