Who I AM

My name is Jay, I’m 60 and have been cycling for over 30 years. I love Jesus, married way above my pay grade, have 4 amazing children and 1 stud of a grandson. I’m an empty nester, fantasy author, retired Nashville bassist, chef, eclectic eccentric, a Renaissance Man or I merely suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome.

In 2017, with a nudge from my wife & friends, I joined a bike racing team: Rogue Racing. As if that wasn’t enough, I decided to revisit a double-century tour I haven’t done in 30 years: TOSRV 56.

Most recently, I became a USA Cycling Coach (L3) for JDRF.

What’s next? Why biking the Himalayas on a unicycle, of course! 🙂

Jay Lowder-9 LOW RES

4 thoughts on “Who I AM

  1. I just took up cycling again, and quickly found out how much I missed it. Good or bad (or too soon), I have signed up for the Golden Olympics in Warner Robins, GA at the end of September. Ready or not, it will be here quickly (the older you get, the faster it goes?). I am having trouble figuring out what my training schedule should be at 70. Anything you could share would be greatly appreciated. 5′-6″ and 131 lbs; eat a clean diet, get rest. At present I am riding every other day for about an hour. Should I ride every day? I will be riding a time trial 10K. Thank you and thanks for sharing about Jesus. I also follow Him.


    1. Stephen:
      Thanks for the comment. Nice to hear from a fellow cyclist and Christ Follower!
      Congrats of cycling again and at the “young age” of 70! Wow! Incredible & inspirational. Per training, I can send more information later but I’d say that since this is a time trial, which is nothing short of a test of your power & willingness to suffer, you’ll need to be focusing on speed work. Of course, this is contingent upon having a strong aerobic fitness base. If you’re just now getting your legs under you, then DO NOT work on the speed work yet but begin to add this in increments, ramping up to the race in late September. Bear in mind that recovering from workouts take longer than when we were young bucks, so learn to “listen to your body” and use a heart monitor and or power meter (if possible.) If you know the course, then I also suggest doing a test in the next week or 2 to see where you’re at. You might also want to find out what the times were of last year’s winners. That will either bring you to disparagement OR encouragement. In the end, you’re riding against yourself. At least that was my approach. Blessings and let me know if you need anything else.


  2. Hi JE,

    Not sure if you are still monitoring this blog, but I came across your video in youtube and was wondering if you are still cycling and available to give some advise. I am 54 and have been riding, again, for about a year losing weight and wanted some more training advise so I can do my first 100 miler.

    Thanks a bunch,

    Ernie Fernandez


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