E-Bikes…My Thoughts

While relaxing this Memorial Day somewhere on Florida’s sandy shores (location is top secret so the Social Distancing Police don’t harass me) I thought I’d share my thoughts about e-bikes. After all, the world is waiting with bated breath to read my thought-provoking insights or maybe they’re hungry for anything other than COVID-19 news!

Get ‘Em Going!

A cycling friend called me The Ambassador for Cycling, which I consider an honor, so if an e-bike gets an otherwise dormant couch potato outside exercising, then I say, “YES, YES, YES! Get ‘em going!”

In my rides along the beach, I’ve seen a lot of people biking and many of them on an e-bike. As Ambassador, I wanted to stop and congratulate each and every one of them with a, “Great job! Keep going! Drink the Kool-Aid! Buy Lycra! Grab a pace line!” But I didn’t want to pause my Garmin so I rode on. 🙂

For seniors, as in old farts like me; not graduating seniors, an e-bike can be a boost to staying active, especially if they’re former cyclists who need a boost (see what I did there?) up a hill. It may also be necessary for those suffering with arthritis, bad knees, heart conditions, etc.

Hold on there, Sonny!

If I have any advice, any caveat about e-bikes, it is this: keep them out of the hands of kids and teens. Now before you think I’ve climbed up on my “Get off my grass!” soapbox, let me explain.

According to the CDC, “Childhood obesity is a serious problem in the United States putting children and adolescents at risk for poor health. Obesity prevalence among children and adolescents is still too high.”

With that in mind, peddling on a bike and burning calories should be paramount for kids and teens over cruising on a simplified scooter. The hope being they’ll love the sport and continue riding for the rest of their life which will put them on the road to good health.

On a different note, the notion that e-bikes should be considered in racing is not worthy of my time or yours. Moving on…

Will I Own One?

Hmmm…I’ve often wanted one when I’m being hammered or dropped on local rides, but in the end it would be deemed cheating or “fake news.” In all seriousness, I might consider one when the hills are too much for me or when other aches and pains limit my enjoyment of cycling.

When will that be, you ask?

Not any time soon, Sonny!

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