Tired and 61

Times Are A Changin’

Today’s post is a rambling by a tired old guy so if you’re looking for profound prose, I suggest you Google something else. Lately, I’ve been mulling over the following as it is a reacurring theme in my training: why am I more tired than normal?

I know what the answer is. I’ve tried to skirt around it, deny it, get pissed about it, but it’s like getting angry at the changing seasons…pointless. The answer? Age. Yep, at 61, I’m experiencing the power decline all the more as well as the “it takes forever to recover” blues.

Recently, I joined teammates, all of whom are considerably younger, on a group ride which they later said was spirited, and hung on (for the most part) averaging 20MPH for 40 miles. But then my legs began cramping and the last 2 miles ended with complete lock-up short of the entrance to my condo. I unclipped (almost falling onto the road with a cramp!) and did the “walk of shame” to get home.

What’s Your Point, Gramps?

On the one hand, I’m proud to have survived as long as I did with those guys. But in the days following, in which it took forever to bounce back, I knew such feats may be a thing of the past.

No, I’m no quitting nor am I having a pity party or even seeking a “Way to go, Grampy!!” This is about my goals & priorities. Since I’m no longer racing, and since I’m loosing power as I age and my teammates are only getting stronger, the days are marked in which I can tag along. Sure, I could devote myself to rigorous training but this falls outside the boundaries of what I want to accomplish, and devote, longterm as a cyclist.

This gets us back to the heart & soul of today’s post: if I’m backing off such speeds then why am I so tired? I’ll spare you the rabbit trails my active brain runs and leave you with this profound truth: I’m not training well.

In other words, I’m using the same training regimen I used at 50 and IT IS NOT WORKING at 61.


I’m in the beginning phase of researching and creating this but for now let’s just say I’ve got to ramp things up better than before & allow for longer recovery. Even though my brain tells me to ride like I’m 25, my body is flipping it the finger.

That’s it for now.

Stay tuned, stay safe, & keep on spinning!

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