Winter Riding: Fresh Perspective

With Christmas around the corner and winter weather here to stay, I thought I’d take a moment to write about why I enjoy cycling this time of year.

By December, I’ve taken my foot off the gas, figuratively speaking, and enjoy riding for the sake of the ride. Typically I ride solo which adds to the enjoyment of seeing the hills and vales with fresh eyes. Instead of focusing on the rider in front of me in a pace line, I scan the woods amazed at seeing something new…a pond hidden by summer’s foliage now visible; a jalopy rusting under a pine; a weather-torn structure that blends in with the gray sky.

Winter is also when I stop pushing myself and although sometimes I lament how my speed has dropped, I remind myself that ‘tis the season to spin, smile, and recharge. Training will intensify in the New Year but for now it’s good to chill, both literally and figuratively.

I hope you’ll get out this time of year to discover the beauty of winter cycling. I’d love to hear your stories.

Be safe & keep on spinning!

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