Once, I was Fast


I’m going to bravely go where most men over 50 fear to tread by discussing an issue we choose to ignore.

Is it the loss of speed? Power? Recovery?

No, this insidious dilemma is far worse and as a victim of this crippling menace, I feel compelled to share my heart. I’m talking about…

OMMR (Old-Man-Morning-Routine)

When I began cycling back around 1983, I was single, young, and had virtually no responsibilities. I could roll out of bed, throw on some bike clothes and be spinniong down the road in no time flat. Nowadays, it’s more like trying to get a diva on stage to perform.

So what’s changed?

The Kids

As an empty nester, you’d think I’d have ample time to get rolling. Nope! Somehow I let my lovely wife talk me into adopting not one, but TWO rescued dachshunds. I can’t remember if I’d been drinking (it would explain my bravado to saying “Yes!”) but these two require special attention. If I want to ride early in the morning, I’ve got to factor in walking & feeding the Twins Diablos! The one with his head cocked is slow (think Winnie the Pooh) and takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R to do his business and eat, while the one giving you the “stink eye” is more like the Cowardly Lion, so if it’s too dark outside or he hears a car horn, he won’t do his business. Somehow I’ve learned to muddle through and have yet to miss a ride becasue of Twins Diablos.

Morning Constitution

Okay, I’ll cut to the chase. My biggest OMMR hurdle is getting coffee in the tank so I can do my business! And like my dogs, this isn’t an exact science! Not the making of coffee but the other thing, if you get my drift.

Some mornings this takes mere minutes while other mornings, well, I’m wondering if I can get back from my training ride before all hell breaks loose.

Food & Water

Gone are the days from my youth when a bottle of tap water and a banana stuffed in my jersey was all I needed. Now, my OMMR includes a pre-ride breakfast along with packing bottles filled with sports drinks since I cramp easily.

It it’s a ride longer than 30-miles, I pack some high-carb/protein snacks and if it’s a high-intensity ride, I make myself a protein smoothie for post-ride recovery. Naturally, I prep these the night before but there are those mornings where I’m rushing around like a man possessed because I was too lazy to do it the night before!

So What?

All of the above take time…precious time…unpredictable time. But here’s the formula I use to get rolling ASAP for a 6 AM ride where I have to commute to the starting point:

  1. Allow 30-45 minutes for dogs.
  2. Allow 2-30 minutes for morning constitution.
  3. Allow for breakfast (although I typically eat while the dogs eat.)
  4. Allow time to load bike & gear.
  5. Estimated wake up time: 4:30 AM

So there you have it! Thanks for letting me share. I feel so much better getting that out of the system! 🙂

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