’73 ItalVega “Super Record”…kinda Pt. 4

Recently, WordPress alerted me that I had a comment to approve. I read the post which fascinated me greatly…

“Beautiful work on a beautiful bike! I wish I had seen your inquiries on Bike Forums. I have information about the model of your bike (hint: good news, and bad news). Please send me an email – Mark”

Now I’m the type that when I hear “bad news” I expect the absolute worst, so I imagined Torpado Mark (his forum name) was going to tell me that my bike is the cheaper model or worse, that I have a fake! Nonetheless, my interest was piqued so I emailed him that day. His response caught me off guard.

“From the photos you posted, it looks like your bike is closer to the original Super Speciale.”

Wait, what?! I have the top-of-the-line ItalVega? How is this bad news? 🙂

A few correspondences later, Torpado Mark supplied this explanation:

Since your frame does not have wrap-over seat stay tops, nor the flat plate chain stay bridge that they all seem to feature, it seems to rule out Super Record.  With a lateral weld under the bottom bracket shell and other features and chroming that match, it appears to be an original, top of the line model (when introduced) Super Speciale.  Also, as the serial numbers are of the later style, it’s likely to be made near the end of the run, about 1972-1973 … perhaps overlapping with production of the new model frames that came out in about 1972.

Wow! I was stunned, excited, stoked, pumped…

And the bad news? I would have to strip off the “Super Record” decals and repaint the top tube. Challenge accepted!

Welcome home, Super Speciale!

And thanks to Torpado Mark for taking the time to educate me further on these amazing bikes!

4 thoughts on “’73 ItalVega “Super Record”…kinda Pt. 4

  1. Mr. Jay,
    I was wondering if you could help with my ItalVega that I just acquired. I’d like to ID it since it has no stickers or markings other than the head tube badge. My frame and details seem to be very similar to yours. My serial number is 3750. I have a round chainstay bridge and the lateral weld under the bottom bracket. Maybe you could put me in touch with Torpado Mark? Ha! Incredible work you did to restore yours. Just stunning. Bravo. Thanks for any help. Cheers – peter


    1. Peter, thanks for reaching out and for the compliments on the bike. I suppose you could send me some pictures. Best way may be via email: jay@lowderproductions.com
      And yes, it will probably be best for me to connect you to my Bike Forum Guru (or you can search as well.)
      Let me know how I can assist.


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