Riding For A Cure


Our Team

As many of you know, I’m the USA Cycling coach for the Middle Tennessee JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) chapter. I’m often asked why I participate since no one in my family suffers from type one diabetes.

The answer is in the above photo: my team. FYI: Not everyone was on this ride but you get the idea! Each person rides for someone they love who has T1. Over time, this team has become like family to me which has impassioned me to coach in order to find a cure for their loved ones.

Our Ride

This year, JDRF offers rides in LaCrosse, Wisconsin; Loveland, Colorado; Saratoga Springs, New York;  Amelia Island, Florida; Death Valley, California; Sante Fe, New Mexico.

Our chapter is going to Amelia Island on October 4-7 although I would have preferred any of the others except for Death Valley. Amelia is obviously the flattest course but I think the primary reasons it was selected were the hotel’s accommodations and the beach! I can’t fault them there!

One of the perks I do for our team is to create videos of our training rides. As a creative, I love the process but I’m also hoping it will inspire others to ride with us or consider making a donation. You can check out our most recent ride here:  August 4 Ride

Our Goal

Most of us are training to ride 100 miles but the distance is left up to the rider. We’re also required to raise a minimum of $2,000 which sounds daunting but has become easier (my perspective, at any rate) the more I participate. Every year, I’m always amazed that each ride raises over a million dollars! And knowing JDRF manages these donations wisely reassures me that our efforts are going toward research and not someone’s salary.

Added Bonus

IMG_6817This year, I get the added joy of coaching my daughter Christiana on not only her first JDRF ride but her first century. She’s a trooper and has been putting in the miles while working as a nurse and getting ready for her December wedding.

We’re the competitive types so we’ve challenged each other to a fundraising duel! You can watch our video here: King of Fundraising

Your Help

There are several ways you can help. First, you can make a donation to either of us at:



Next, you can assist by sharing this post and spread the word!

Together, we can turn Type One into Type None!


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