Well, wonders never cease. I got my first Strava KOM! Take a look…Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 3.30.56 PM

Show Off?

Yeah, sure, I’m proud of the accomplishment but it’s not why I ride, or try to get faster, or even track myself on Strava.

So why am I posting this KOM? To flaunt it?


To brag?

Not really.

To savor the moment?

Yeah, that’s a fit and here’s why. There are cycling KOM Hunters out there right now trying to take it away; my reign will be short-lived at best.

Am I worried? Will I defend it no matter the cost?

No and no.

Where’s The Beef?

So you’re probably sensing I’ve got a beef about something and you wish I’d spit it out. Okay, here it is: I don’t consider my KOM a true KOM. Why?

  1.  I drafted behind 3 powerhouses who hammered this segment, and in fact, the lead-fullsizeoutput_65aout man, Steve, pulled off at the end allowing me, Jon, and Matt to get the KOM. So in reality, I share this jewel with these compadres. Personally, that takes a bit of the sheen off the royal title. Had I done this alone, then yeah, it’s legit.
  2. We had a good tailwind. Please don’t think that was the primary reason the KOM was won; it wasn’t. Steve put out a TON-O-WATTS, enough to light up Nashville, to get us this win. But the point is this: how many cyclists do you know who, when the winds are howling, load up the bike, head upwind to ride downwind to win a KOM? Is that REALLY a KOM when 20-30 MPH winds push you? Call me a purist, but I don’t think so.

Final Thoughts

Again, if you’re a KOM junkie, hunter, worshipper that’s fine. I don’t hold a grudge and wish you all the luck in the world. It’s not my thing.

On another note, I wish Strava would factor in wind and group rides when determining KOM’s and PR’s. But that sounds like an IT task from hell, so I’ll stick to looking at other metrics to determine my effort & improvement.

For now, join me as I relish my KOM high atop my throne. Let’s raise a frosty pint to those challengers brave enough and strong enough to snatch it from my grip.







One thought on “I Am KOM!

  1. I recon it doesn’t matter if you have a pro level lead out train, a howling tailwind or a 40mph truck to draft – the fastest guy/gal along that segment is the fastest! But you’re right, they’re certainly not the best way to judge improvement.


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