Grampy’s Got A Brand New Bag: Cycling Pocket Essentials

IMG_6648I believe it’s better to carry a few tools than it is to leave them at home for the sake of weight. Sure, if you’re racing, that’s another matter, but I’m talking about training rides, especially solos.

I was given this Bontrager waterproof pouch as a gift for participating in a JDRF event and it has been one of the best freebies I’ve received over the years. It’s large enough for  my stuff yet fits perfectly in my rear jersey pocket.


The Basics

The picture is self-explanatory, but since this is a blog and blogging involves writing, I’ll IMG_6649spell it out for you:

  1. Tire Irons. Why 2 and not the conventional 3? Because I’M NOT CONVENTIONAL! Seriously, the reason is that 2 are all I’ve ever needed. Why don’t they match? As part of my diversity training, I was advised to mix it up. 🙂 Truth be known, I’m a tight-wad so when I broke one, I combined them so I wouldn’t need to purchase another set.
  2. Cash. This comes in handy on long rides when you need to refuel at a convenience store. It also helps when your cycling friend, the one that didn’t come prepared (yeah, you know the one!) bums money off you!
  3. Multi-purpose tool. This bad-boy is like a Swiss Army knife in regards to gadgets and gizmos plus it folds up compactly. Yeah, it’s not light, but it’s not heavy, it’s my brother.
  4. Capsules. One is cyanide and the other is LSD; used when things get bad cycling. Wrong. They’re both SaltStick capsules as I’m prone to getting cramps on long, hard rides.
  5. ID. I carry my USAC license in case I need to impress other riders 🙂 and my custom made Road ID (I’m cheap, remember?) I printed my name, address, cell phone password, and my ICE (“In Case of Emergency”) contact which I then had laminated.

Be A Boy Scout!

So join me and become a Cycling Boy Scout–“Always Be Prepared!”

Sure, those gram-counting junkies will scoff and the elitists will roll their eyes, but let them. They’ll be your friend forever when, sitting on the side of the road without any tools, they spy you rolling up to help.

Safe spinning!


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