30 At 30A: Love the Beach!

IMG_E5635One of our favorite vacation spots is on Florida’s gulf coast. Affectionately called “30A” for the 19-mile highway that runs parallel to white sand and turquoise water, it is a vacationer’s paradise. Dotting 30A are spots like Grayton Beach, which has an eclectic vibe suitable for artists and ex-hippies, to chic locations like WaterColor or Seaside, which by the way, was the set for the movie, The Truman Show.

IMG_E5614My wife and I stayed on the far eastern stretch of 30A in the area none as Rosemary. Modeled after Barcelona, it can be pretentious, which isn’t my thing, but nevertheless, it’s a gorgeous area. Besides, we were celebrating (albeit 2 months early) our 30th anniversary, so she can stay wherever she chooses!


She was gracious enough to let me bring my bike, and on an early morning ride, I couldn’t resist posing my bike beside a line of rentals, as if a Colnago could hide in such a group!

For a bird’s eye view of the area, here is my Relive link.

Relive 30A Ride

IMG_E5616You’ll note that I avoided the busy highway (98) and navigated to roads other than 30A to break up the out-and-back monotony. If you ride early in the morning, traffic isn’t too bad (case in point: the above photo was on 30A at Aly’s Beach), but even in the off-season, you need to be on your toes.

IMG_E562630A has bike paths that run virtually the entire length but since joggers and beach cruisers use them, I avoid them like the plague. Besides, braking, veering, and announcing, “On your left!” all the time would be annoying, to say the least.

This week, I worked on sprinting and high-intensity training and if I felt tired later, I’d take a nap, sometimes at the beach…sometimes with a cold beer. I know, rough life!

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to go. My wife is texting me to join her at the beach! 🙂






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