They Call Me Coach

I love coaching!

JDRF Team Amelia 2016
2016 Team at Amelia Island, FL

I’m still in the discovery phase as the USA Cycling Coach for the Middle TN JDRF Chapter, but I enjoy all the hats I wear:

  • Cycling expert (tons still to learn!)
  • Ride organizer.
  • Ride leader & route creator.
  • Encourager.
  • Fundraiser.
  • Social Media Guru.

But the #1 reason I love what I’m doing is the people. Prior to being Coach, I’ve ridden fullsizeoutput_358with our chapter for several years so I know them well. In the good sense of the word, we’re like family: diverse in age, gender, cycling experience, and personalities.

What unites us is Type 1 (T1) diabetes. These riders either battle T1 themselves or ride on behalf of a loved one who does. And of all the rides I’ve done with these champions, I’ve yet to hear one complain or whine about having T1. I know they have bad days; I know they have sleepless nights when numbers are off; I know they long for a cure. Like soldiers, they battle on. They are awe-inspiring.

You probably won’t find them on Strava, or doing an FTP workout, or monitoring power & heart rate to find their peak performance, at the same time, you won’t find a more dedicated group of riders.

fullsizeoutput_35dI especially love mentoring the dads who ride with, and on behalf of, their daughters with T1. They exemplify sacrifice, love, and dedication. And these young ladies are tough! They have to be; T1 doesn’t play fairly.

They call me coach, but I call myself the lucky one. They motivative me to learn all I can about this sport, T1, and to strive to be a stronger cyclist myself.

For more information about T1 diabetes, visit JDRF.

To make a donation to my fundraising, please go to Jay’s Donation Page. 





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