Pre-Race Rant


This Saturday, I’m doing my first road race at the Rockabilly Gran Prix. The kicker, at least for this 58 year-old, is that at 1PM when the lowly Cat 5’s roll, it’ll be 95°. UGH!

I’m psyching myself up for it, and have done what I can to get acclimatized, but the heat really gets me. It didn’t used to be this way. In fact, I thrived in the heat, purposefully trained when it was scorching out, but those days are gone. But enough whining, let’s move on…

The Route

The race is an 11 mile loop that we do twice, is relatively flat, and is on country roads. I’ve been told it’ll be fast so maybe it’s time I install an engine!

If you’re interested, here’s the route: Rockabilly Road Race. And here’s a You Tube video from a previous year (I love the graphics! SO Cool!)

The Plan

I was hoping others from Rogue Racing would be joining me but I’ll be doing this one solo. I want to start strong, stay near the front, and then hang on for dear life. Again, I’m not a podium threat but I would like to finish closer to the front this time.

IMG_4561Since it’ll be so hot, I’ll be vigilant about staying hydrated prior to race day and especially before the start. I’ll be using Advocare’s Rehydrate and Hammer Endurolytes and carrying (2) bottles on my Colnago.

Well, that’s it for now.

Wish me luck & be sure to check out my follow-up post after the race.

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