Wonders Never Cease

As a cyclist, most of my interactions with drivers are not pleasant. Sometimes I’m to blame. Most of the time I’m not. And typically, gestures are exchanged, expletives are shouted, tempers flare, and I thank God (literally) that I survived another idiot not payIMG_4401ing attention, or worse, trying to prove a point.

This morning, I had another experience with a driver. While on  a solo ride, I pulled off the road and stopped to grab some Hammer Endurolytes out of my saddle bag. A car slowed down. I braced for the snide, rude comment like the ones I’ve heard over the years. At the same time, I girded myself for battle; a retort ready to slash like the sharpest broadsword. Instead, this elderly lady asked if I was okay.

I was flabbergasted; shocked beyond words. I regained my senses, smiled, and told her I was fine. She returned the smile and drove on.

What just happened was a rare experience, comparable to spying Sasquatch or seeing Haley’s Comet. So I savored her act of kindness, letting it fuel my spinning legs, allowing my heart to believe that wonders never cease.

So kind lady, wherever you are, thanks for taking the time, for showing concern, and for calling me “young man.” 🙂


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