TOSRV: “Are You Ready?”

IMG_4635I received this TOSRV 56 magnet in the mail the other day. Talk about reality check! It’s not like the event snuck up on me; I’ve been clocking the countdown on my blog as well as in my training regimen.

But getting this makes TOSRV real and begs the question: Are you ready to ride 210 miles in 2 days?

My answer? Yes; I’m ready. Or at least as ready as one can be with an endurance ride of this magnitude.

I’m also looking forward to reuniting with Russ who I haven’t ridden with in over 30 years. In fact, the last ride we did together was TOSRV. Irony? Kismet? Amazing timing/coordination on our part? You decide!

We’re not going to set any speed records, or blow up any Strava segments, or even get a PR. We just want to finish well. And as I remember, since this will be my fourth or fifth TOSRV, the ride doesn’t “begin” until mile 175. That’s when the body can go south in a heartbeat!

All we can do is take what the road gives us and give it our all. And as I’ve been quoted as saying on many a tough ride: “Death before dismount!”


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