Winter Riding: Fresh Perspective

With Christmas around the corner and winter weather here to stay, I thought I’d take a moment to write about why I enjoy cycling this time of year. By December, I’ve taken my foot off the gas, figuratively speaking, and enjoy riding for the sake of the ride. Typically I ride solo which adds to … Continue reading Winter Riding: Fresh Perspective

15-Miles: Why I Love Being A JDRF Coach

There's so much I could write about...the unique weather, my flat, the JDRF cyclists, the coaches...Instead, I want to share a story that involves a lonely road, a family, and 15-miles out of 100.

1973 ItalVega “Super Record”…kinda Pt.2

Remodel Parameters In moving forward, I had two guidelines: Be true to the original Italian design & components. Honor Mr. Chaney's setup as much as possible. One reason I say this bike is "like" an original Super Record is that as described in my last post, Mr. Chaney opted to switch out some components. To … Continue reading 1973 ItalVega “Super Record”…kinda Pt.2

1973 ItalVega “Super Record”…kinda. Pt. 1

  "Want To See His Italian Bike?" Back in late September, a client I was painting for asked if I wanted to see her Dad's old bike. Days prior, she had noticed my JDRF cycling T-shirt and shared with me her dad's passion for cycling. Putting two-and-two together, I assumed the bike I spotted hanging … Continue reading 1973 ItalVega “Super Record”…kinda. Pt. 1